Mia Holiday Pocket Cards Set of 6

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Unconventional holiday greetings for extraordinary people ;)  Scoot over Red and Green - make way for Mint and Sky.

Two-piece greeting cards with decorative laser-cut pockets and colorful flat-card inserts.  Write on back of insert cards and slide into pockets. 

• A6 pocket cards 4.5" x 6.25"
• Heavyweight papers, various colors
• Laser-cut & hand assembled
• Blank inside
• Kraft Euro-flap heavyweight envelopes
• Ultra-fine marker recommended
• Designed, printed & assembled in USA

Sourcing:  Whenever possible, we source materials locally and manufacture locally.  In today's global economy, centers of excellence have emerged and local sourcing is not always possible.  We balance product quality & sustainable sourcing in an effort to serve you best.

Paper:  Our premium papers are FSC certified (responsibly harvested & produced).  Kraft envelopes are made from 100% recycled content.  All paper products are recyclable.

Packaging:  Due to the delicate nature of our laser-cut goods, protective packaging is prioritized.  We use recyclable plastic sleeves made from 10% recycled content.  We also invest in shipping materials made from high percentages of recycled content that are recyclable themselves.